Funding Opportunities

Faculty associated with the CAMAC can apply for the following opportunities:

Current projects underway include:

  • Additive Formation of Ordered Ceramic Nanocomposites using Selective Laser Melting, H. Zhang (UNC Charlotte)
  • A Self-Healing UHTC-reinforced Composite using Selective Laser-induced Reaction Sintering (SLRS) Process for High-Temperature Thermal Stability, C. Xu & T. Fang (NC State)​
  • Additive Manufacturing of High-Entropy Ceramics: Next Generation Ultra-high Temperature Ceramics, Q. Wei (UNC Charlotte)
  • Stereolithography of SiC for advanced manufacturing for materials for Harsh Environments – S. Schmid (UNC Charlotte)
  • Correlating Component Integrity with Surface Characteristics at Each Stage of Ceramic AM Manufacturing – A. Allen & B. Mullany (UNC Charlotte)
  • Direct Ink Writing of SiC/C Ceramic Matrix Composites – Y. Chen & E. Joyee (UNC Charlotte)
  • Immersive Training for Additive Manufacturing of Technical Ceramics using Augmented Reality  – J. Outeiro (UNC Charlotte)

Completed Projects:

  • Stereolithography of Silicon Carbide – Steve Schmid & Brigid Mullany (UNC Charlotte)
  • 3D printing/Additive manufacturing of photocurable silicone carbide-polymer composite with densified microstructures – Erina Baynojir Joyee & Ahmed El-Ghannam (UNC Charlotte)
  • 3D Printing of Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics (UHTCs) using Selective Laser-induced Reaction Sintering (SLRS) Process – C. Xu & T. Fang (NC State)​
  • Discrete Element Method Analysis of Ceramic Powders for Advanced Manufacturing – Taher Abu-Ledbeh (NC A&T)
  • Spatial Analysis of Additively Manufactured Ceramic Surfaces – Brigid Mullany (UNC Charlotte)